Searching for beauty in the everyday, everywhere.

Recent Adventures

Birds of Doubtful Sound
Aspiring Ntl Park from Mt Roy
Fox Glacier in the rain
sunset over hokitika beach

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Art as Artifact is a showcase for all that is rich and beautiful about travel.

I explore local and global destinations, using story, image and video to tell about my journeys. I share those unique spots we all hope to find in our worldly travels. The best almond croissant in Paris, the ultimate flat white Perth. And of course, shiny objects.

I am an expert shopper and gravitate to the finest home and personal accessories. I share those beautiful items, and tell stories of their creators. I also craft resonant journeys for those who would rather invest their time in the actual travel, not in the planning.

  • Creative Finds

    An indefatigable shopper with a unique and tasteful eye. I love to wander stores and market stalls. Asked regularly “where did you get that?” my answer is this peak at the treasures I’ve found around the globe. As beautiful as these personal items and home accessories are, I hope you’ll find their crafters’ stories equally engaging.

  • Resonant Voyages

    There is perhaps nowhere you cannot find on the internet, given time, patience and endless hours of searching. Amazing travel planning tools are everywhere. For some, this is the best part of travel. For others, it’s chaos at best and pain at worst. As with shopping, I adore travel planning, diving into the wealth of information and surfacing with a specially crafted travel plan. One made to bring you the most travel enjoyment with the least planning pain.

  • Trip Reports

    Be it domestic or international, urban or wilderness, I love to travel. Wander into my blog for stories and images of my sojourns.