Way back when, a junior abroad in Cameroon, I befriended a smart, worldly USAID manager. He had worked in many countries around the world. Invited over for dinner one night, he took me on a tour of his house and lovingly showed me artifacts he had picked up in all these places. For each one, he shared the backstory of how he had acquired the item, and for many, how they were made. A desire arose then, that has stayed with me to this day. I was struck by how beautiful and meaningful an item can be, the warmth and depth it can imprint in a space, on a life. Those pieces carefully and deliberately acquired from special places. An item, a story, a memory.

Fast-forward many years and my life is enriched by special items picked up here and there on travels around the globe. A child’s chair hand-painted in Guatemala, that perfectly holds a Bose stereo. A bracelet made by a husband and wife in Paris, worn nearly to oblivion. A stylish and indestructible patent leather handbag made by a Spanish brother and sister in Brussels.

Here at Art as Artifact, I showcase artisans from around the world, telling richly illustrated stories that recount their crafts and inspirations, ultimately providing a marketplace for artisans to sell their unique and inspired products. As I journey around the world, and sometimes through my own preverbal backyard, I will share the beauty I find crafted by talented artisans, and report on the areas in which these goods are produced. Telling about a great café near the handbag boutique, or where to stay when pondering which bracelet to buy, and perhaps a courtyard or museum to explore along the way.

And for those who find travel planning a chore at best and torture at worst, reach out and let me step in to custom design a travel itinerary designed to maximize your travel experience. I adore travel planning, diving into the wealth of information and surfacing with a specially crafted travel plan. One made to bring you the most travel enjoyment with the least planning pain. A travel experience that will resonate for years to come.

Supervised by a tern as I engage in a true passion, harvesting and eating oysters. I did share.