Beautiful Portland Departure

So the Sojourn Has Begun

The round the world and then some journey has begun. Currently sitting in Washington Dulles with at least 5 flights being announced, my flight delayed, but no, not rethinking the wisdom of the trip. Oh, this trip, realize now I haven’t yet written about it. Will post a full description of it soon, but not while being buffeted by United flight announcements.

Despite the best of intentions, my bags are too heavy… But I do have just a wheelie carry on and a messenger bag for the 3+ months ahead. First stop (once/if I get out of Dulles) is Marblehead Mass and my ‘little’ brother and his family. Connect with my fabulous fantastic, but most unfortunately sick, niece and nephew. Eat seafood and drink great white wine with my gorgeous sister-in-law. And get a crash course on my new Fuji x10 from said brother, professional photographer, here’s his great photography site.

So come on United, let’s go to Boston!

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