Marlborough Sounds

Smooth Sailing in the Marlborough Sounds

With luck on our side, we made it from the north tip of the North Island to its southern tip with plenty of time to get to our ferry and on to the primary focus of our New Zealand trip – the South Island.

I had read about this ferry crossing in several lists of “Top 50 Travel Destinations” or “The 100 Best Travel Moments” or, “25 Best Boat Trips” or…  well, it’s on a lot of those.

The Marlborough Sounds are not fjords, but ancient river valleys that flooded with rising oceans. After crossing over on a blissfully calm sea, I would say that I agree with the inclusion of this venture on all these lists of fabulousness (Jeff says he would have preferred it with big waves, which happens some times).

There’s not a lot of words to describe this trip, mostly the pictures are what matters. I do want to send out a “thank you” to the sales agent from Crumplers in Perth who told us where to go on the ferry to have the best view (get first in line and make a beeline to the front of the ship, which happens to be the bar). We were almost the first on and did exactly as told, and got the best seats on the boat. Front and center (this being one of the few times that I had no desire to ‘upgrade’ as the luxury quarters were in the back of the boat with nearly no view).

Plus, we were in the bar, so it was just a quick trip over to pick up a spectacular glass of wine, for less than $7. I had two.

Lots of good people watching and fantastic scenery. All in all a wonderful couple of hours on the Aratere, and the perfect arrival to the South Island.

Bridge to Interislander Ferry

I don’t quite understand this bridge, but makes a good photo

route map picton ferry from wellington

Route map, not sure if the fine print is visible

front row view on marlborhough sound

Best seats in the (floating) house!

Ferry boat

Because every post needs an artsy shot

Paris boots on boat

Or two …

Ferry ride to Picton

So, no smoking if you fall in the ocean?

baggage on the ferry

Truly the bags got the best seat (have you noticed yet how much I like these?)

Bow view on the ferry

View off the bow

Bar on interislander ferry

The bar, mere steps away

Sauvignon blanc in Marlborough Sound

Truly wonderful Sauvignon Blanc

Selfie on the ferry

Everyone was taking lots of pictures, not sure everyone was just watching the scenery…

view of Marlborough Sounds

Here is the view

passengers on interislander ferry

Everyone out enjoying the view

Enjoying the ferry ride

Here’s my selfie/not selfie

riding on the ferry to picton

Me again

Jeff on the ferry in New Zealand

Jeff was here too

South island by ferry

More beautiful views of the South Island

Marlborough Sounds

And more views

arriving south island

Destination in sight

Picton new zealand

Getting closer to Picton, our introduction to the South Island

Poppies in Picton

Poppies of Picton, looking back to the harbor

10 replies
  1. Danielle Charney
    Danielle Charney says:

    this is gorgeous – beautiful vistas – but what- no oysters? are you going in to shock yet?
    love the art shots- as good as any gallery paintings I’ve seen in LA in years- in fact- much better-

    • ArtasArtifact
      ArtasArtifact says:

      Thanks, was an amazing voyage. Though you’re right, where’s the oysters? Good white wines like those need oysters…

  2. Danielle Charney
    Danielle Charney says:

    since it’s already Christmas Eve there- and when
    I wake up it will be Christmas there and I don’t want to miss wishing you the best there is- certainly – this is a great way to spend it- have fun- looks like you are-
    these are trips that most agents don’t think of – plus you could corner the oyster obsessed crowd – its an idea- have to go – some fat man is stuck in my chimney – screaming about cookies

    • ArtasArtifact
      ArtasArtifact says:

      Merry Christmas right back. Beautiful spot to spend the day, and it’s far less a commercial thing here so has been nice to miss all the hype, so to speak. There has to be a market for oyster lovin’ travelers… have to check into that. Hope you got to that fat man. People say he likes gingerbread but I think he’s more a classic chocolate chip cookie fan myself (or a plate of oysters…)

      • danielle charney
        danielle charney says:

        love missin the commerical and touristy stuff- there is more to your journey than just the oyster lovers gathering- the spas- the wine- the path less taken- I see a few patterns here- meanwhile here the fat man in the chimney wanted ‘edibles’- special brownies- god this man is demanding- and what did he bring? coal -sending it to china-
        hey have to get some import /export thing going- but I do see a travel special – very boutique in the air- here- after all- who needs more age cream- ME-

        • ArtasArtifact
          ArtasArtifact says:

          It was so great. I could do that every Christmas. Maybe facial cream made from oyster shells??? And of course Santa wants the special stuff, did you deliver?

  3. raphael
    raphael says:

    What a great time you spend outthere, beautiful landscapes and wonderful weather to enjoy all this nature. Wow!!!! it’s a pleasure to see you guys are taking great pleasure of all this. Thanks for to be a part of your adventure and be a Little bit with us ( gkero tshirt 🙂 ). Enjoy your time and Merry Chrismas wherever you are and a great year 2016 with all the nature give you the energy, the people you meet give you joy. Great year for both of you !!!. Raphael y Carmen

    • ArtasArtifact
      ArtasArtifact says:

      Raphael and Carmen. Merry Christmas to you both as well. So good to hear from you here. Hope all is well in your world these days and that you’re celebrating a lovely Christmas. Loving the Gkero t-shirt; it’s been perfect in so many occasions (did you see it with the cat in southern France?). Jeff was rocking (pun intended) the Bob Dylan shirt today. We’re spending a mellow and enjoyable Christmas in Mendoza, Argentina. Will eventually get to this part of the story!!


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