And Next, Canary Islands (I hope…)

After a perfect New England fall weekend visiting with my brother and family, the international part of this journey has begun. Departed what still feels like tonight but is now last night (or so say the bright blue skies of nearly 9 am Frankfurt), despite an ominous warning on my screenDSCF0354 copy:




Splurging this trip with mostly business (and one first) class flights. As United almost never upgrades internationally anymore (got very lucky a few times in the distant past), this was my first time with the flat seats and generally snazzier business class ‘experience’. In addition, the flight was on Lufthansa, with very kind and professional staff. So even more to make it better than my typical United flight.

Snazzy business class, Lufthansa 747-800

Snazzy business class, Lufthansa 747-800





Eating wasn’t bad either with plates like this:

DSCF0365 copy

The first time in perhaps forever that I didn’t want to dash off the plane as soon as we landed. However, now time to leave this and go see why Aer Lingus seems to not recognize my reservation. Hopefully avoid being stranded in Dublin while Tenerife awaits!


ps: I promise to figure out image placement!

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  1. danielle ricci
    danielle ricci says:

    agree- photo placement is fine- Lufthansa is the best- always good to fly Business or First if you must fly commercial- 🙂 – have fun Sasha- have a good time


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