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Tales from three short but fabulous days in a city I’d gladly stay in for three years and more. In a fortuitous synchronicity (lots of big words…) our trip to Paris overlapped with the birthday celebration of Michael, Jeff’s dear childhood friend. So we made a brief stop at our apartment in Paris (second time […]

En fin, les huîtres…

After two nights in Brittany it was time to move on to our next destination, Normandy. On the way, we stopped at the most-visited spot in France, Mont Saint-Michel. I was there over 20 years ago, but don’t particularly recall the visit. I do know that this approach was not possible then. When it’s not […]

Leche leche

Tenerife. Made it. Completely on time, perhaps even early. However my advice for anyone entering or transiting Ireland: print out the onward boarding pass. Don’t know why but passed customs in Dublin not Frankfurt. Spent some time with the border guard explaining that I did have a ticket out, I just couldn’t print it (didn’t […]

And Next, Canary Islands (I hope…)

After a perfect New England fall weekend visiting with my brother and family, the international part of this journey has begun. Departed what still feels like tonight but is now last night (or so say the bright blue skies of nearly 9 am Frankfurt), despite an ominous warning on my screen:       Splurging […]

So the Sojourn Has Begun

The round the world and then some journey has begun. Currently sitting in Washington Dulles with at least 5 flights being announced, my flight delayed, but no, not rethinking the wisdom of the trip. Oh, this trip, realize now I haven’t yet written about it. Will post a full description of it soon, but not […]